Pretty Docs

PrettyDocs is a bootstrap based documentation builder. It breaks down documents into chapters, subchapters, sections and subsections and content. It creates an editable, version controlled document out of this structure, and generates a pretty, printable HTML document.


A Pin Level Statistics tracker that is both desktop and mobile enabled. User selects which pins where knocked down or left up after each throw, and it will track common stats like game averages and series, but also pin level stats like first throw pinfall, split conversions, and average pins per first throw and spare conversion rates.

This site was my first venture into online hosting and deployment of django systems. Webfaction has been an excellent choice for hosting django applications.

The Story Share

A project that a few friends from gradeschool came to me and presented me with. A community based story sharing and voting system. With plans to have storytelling competition and monetary rewards.

Business Reconnaissance Suite

A spiritual upgrade to one of my original projects in django, the BRS is my first foray into the world of Ruby on Rails. As a project, it is a SaaS Cloud product that gives businesses a expandable toolkit to streamline their business and get reporting metrics on all aspects they chose to measure.


This project was an experiment in CSS and Javascript. The following image is actually just a grid with randomized css on it mirrored.This was inspired by inkbot test and my days in grade-school drawing symmetrical patterns on graphing paper.

Phase 1:
Mirrored Inkblot
Phase 2: 2 Axis Mirror
Phase 3: 4 Axis Mirror

Block Wheel

Another Series, much like the inkblot series, were I am experimenting in Javascsript and CSS to produce interesting results. This was initially inspired by the Light Table waiting icon, then was continued to see how I could get the effect to behave.

Phase 1: Replicated Logo
Phase 2: Multiple Layers
Phase 3: N-Layers
Phase 4: Colors!

Element Aggregator

I realized everyday around lunch break I get back to the office and check a list of sites for the daily comics, articles, and offers. I have seen web agretators before, but nothing that exactly caught my attention and they all were trying to sell me something or make my life so much better. Really all I want is a 1 stop check for all my favorite sites and articles, just the updates. I figure im going to try to make it feel a bit like a newspaper.

So far the Feature List is simple:

  • Create user account
  • Users can subscribe to a list of existing subscriptions
  • Users can add their own subscriptions
  • Subscriptions get checked and approved or locked either by voting system or by admin
  • All articles link back to their original sites
  • Possibly Add Feeds such as RSS or Twitter Tiles
  • Option to group tiles

jQuery.tableSortFilter Plugin

After a few projects of dealing with data tables, and being sick of complex implementations of sorting and filtering from the backend, I decided that I would do filtering from the front end.

My first instinct was to look for a library, hopefully a jQuery plugin, to handle this for me. After a first look, I found none of the table sort/filter solutions where what I needed. They either only did sort, only did filter, or did both but required you to use their own style. I wanted a plugin, I could just throw at a table, and it works, without heavily modifying the look of the table. So after a few hours of coming up short, I decided to take my first crack at writing a jquery plugin.

Now I have written instant filters before based on dropdowns or search fields, but I had always done it on fixed data sets. I had never written a sort function from the frontend before, so there were a few initial obstacles I had to overcome. First I launched a quick project, and threw a table together. I like using jetstrap for development like this because it makes it look nice to start with, without any styling. It also allows me to keep my javascript separate and it comes with jquery included. After throwing together a quick set of helper functions, I got a basic sort/filter process down.

I then moved on to building it into a jquery library. There are many guides out there, but most of them are for contextual extensions of jquery objects. After finding out I was looking in the wrong place, I managed to get my first jquery plugin working. I then spent a few hours settings up the github repository and writing documentation for it. Now I officially have contributed to open source software!


An organizational tool that my father and I conceived. It combines not taking like Evernote with task management like google task. But it does it in way that keeps the valueable context of the meetings where the notes were taken, and the categories and threads the notes and tasks are organized into. CONECT or Centralized Organizer for Notes, Events, Connections, and Tasks is the realization that our work is both categorized and event driven.

Story Nursery

A collaborative story sharing site I built for a group of my friends. It allows users to create a background, story, and a base set of decisions. From there, any other users can come and add decisions to each decision point and create their own story-line. The entire thing is done in the theme or story "trees", with nurseries, branches, tree climbing, and pruning. is my latest project management creation. A tangent project to CONECT, Helm is built for contract workers who need to manage time, requirements, and billing across many different projects and customers. It allows for collaboration between users, automatic invoicing of tracked hours, and statistic tracking. The niche it is going for is the the void in the project management world of the relationship of one resource, to many projects. There are many great project management applications out there, and they all are excellent at managing many resources to one project. And all of them are designed for project managers. Helm, is designed for people without project management experience, for managing one resource (namely yourself) to many projects.

MC706 Console

A emulated command prompt to find out more information about MC706.


This was my first AngularJS Application. I recently dug it up and added some additional support and cleaned up the code.

Offline Sync Demo

I wanted to play around with a different paradigm of development. I wanted to create an app, that ran entirely offline, using a .manifest file and a indexedDB database. Then it would sync its database to the master database whenever it was online. Think of it as dropbox for databases.

I recently attended a Tech Share in Comcast that was all about Googles Polymer project. It was all pretty cool, web components and such, and the tutorial was pretty easy, but I wanted to try my chops at something alittle bit more than the tutorial. So I decided to create another Task App. This time I decided to incorporate a few unique specifications, and implement a 3 Most Important Things app. This is based of a business productivity parable I heard at my first job and is often featured as a productivity mantra. List the 3 Most Important Things you need to do today, and keep it in front of you all day.

This app was a personal hackathon, and its current version was completed in one evening, (August 27th) spanning around 7 hours. That includes the learning curve of my first polymer app.

This web app, written in polymer, tracks 3 tasks each day, and asks for new ones the next day. It then shows you your history of completion over time. The code is available on github at

Django Angular Scaffold

I realized while I was starting another project that the majority of my code i use to start a project, is copying and pasted from previous projects. I spend a good amount of time, building out my environment, setting up documentation, setting up the assets directory and pipeline, importing angular code, and settings things up in general.

So I decided to streamline that process by creating a python package that did all the setup for angular for me. Inspired by Ruby on Rails "scaffolding" commands, this is a set of commands that build out the grout between angular and django.

To use, it is simply pip install django-angular-scaffold and include angular_scaffold in your INSTALLED_APPS variable in your This will give you access to a number of django management commands that setup an angular project directory for you.

Python Mailinator Wrapper

Was working through some automated tests, when I needed to test some profile registration/ confirmation email workflows. I recently started using mailiniator to do registration emails, but I found the manual checking of emails and following their registration links tedious. I found a python package for mailinator that just used the BeautifulSoup library, but it didnt have all the features that the actual mailinator API had. So I created one. This wraps the actual API and maps the json responses to Python objects.

You can install easily with pip install py-mailinator

I copy of one of my favorite online tools, ported for mercurial.

Completed and launched in 2 hours.


A weekend project to add more graphic capabilities to my Fitbit and Fitbit Aria Scale Data.


An afternoon project inspired by , written entirely in javascript and css3 animations. Total time: 3.5 hours.