Polymer Javascript Django 1.6


I recently attended a Tech Share in Comcast that was all about Googles Polymer project. It was all pretty cool, web components and such, and the tutorial was pretty easy, but I wanted to try my chops at something alittle bit more than the tutorial. So I decided to create another Task App. This time I decided to incorporate a few unique specifications, and implement a 3 Most Important Things app. This is based of a business productivity parable I heard at my first job and is often featured as a productivity mantra. List the 3 Most Important Things you need to do today, and keep it in front of you all day.

This app was a personal hackathon, and its current version was completed in one evening, (August 27th) spanning around 7 hours. That includes the learning curve of my first polymer app.

This web app, written in polymer, tracks 3 tasks each day, and asks for new ones the next day. It then shows you your history of completion over time. The code is available on github at http://3mit.today/


August 2014


Active Beta