So its been a while since I've posted here and I wanted to keep the story in sync everywhere, so here are a few updates in my life.

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of my girlfriend, Linda, moving in. Its been a hell of a ride, and I absolutely love living with her. This weekend was her birthday which we celebrated in NYC and we spent a lot of time reflecting on what we have accomplished in the past year. We have helped each other in many ways and been through a lot together, including what is now 5 cats (2 of them are looking for homes, if you want a beautiful black kitten, let me know), a few job changes, her learning Web Development and working on our first project together, introducing each other to a number of cuisines, and exploring other areas of life. So for the overall point of the checkin, the personal life is going great.

Im going to break up the work part of life into 3 categories, Personal, RED Development, and Professional:

Personal development projects have been a blast. In the past year I have written a turn based online board game platform, and started writing a multiplayer 2d Space shooter game. I have learned a lot using Phaser.js and that has carried over into some cross platform healthcare marking games that I will be developing for RED. I taught at LaSalle again this summer, both the Introduction to Software Fundamentals in C# and Introduction to Game Development in XNA C#. By the end of the summer, I had a 100% passing rate on the 19 students who took my classes; which seal the deal on my love for teaching.

As far as RED Development goes, this month is the 1 year birthday of the company officially. Looking back it has been a great ride, with exciting things in the future. Our client list has grown from 1 to half a dozen happy customers with projects ranging from small one off sites, to large business-centric web applications. We have hit a lot of learning curves and hurdles on the way, but we are much better of having done so. In addition to the LaSalle Teaching, I am developing a set of curriculum for a teaching courses offered via RED Development, and am halfway done writing the first textbook.

As far as professional, this marks my 18th month at Sungard/Comcast. It is my third project here, having moved from XTVGoWeb -> CloudTV-> Welcome Experience. Its been a great run so far, and I am currently working on refactoring my latest project in Polymer, which brings back memories of my project lead on the LabWeek team last year for CloudTV.

So to wrap up the checkin, the vast majority of things are settling in nicely and this year so far has been a solid solidifying year. Not a massive amount of vertical growth, but more of a laying the foundation for my next big jump. Looking forward to writing here more often and keeping up to date with the happenings as I got through the next few exciting months.