Early Career

Genuardis Eagleville
Seafood and Meat Associate
September 2007 - October 2009

My First Real Job. Got it as soon as I turned 16 in order to start earning money towards gas money. Learned a lot about interacting with customers and how to sell product. Also learned a lot about seafood and meat, the proper handling and preparing of them.

Visitation BVM Rectory
Weekend Receptionist
March 2006 - May 2008

Out of gradeschool, my grandmother got me a weekend reeptionist job at my gradeschool. I organized the Sunday collection by amount, answered phones, and directed visitors to where they needed to be.

LaSalle College High School Lab Managers
Senior Leadership

Probably the most defining experience of my early career, I was a member of the LaSalle College High School Lab Manager Program from my first semester in highschool. The program vastly expanded my knowledge of Computers, Networks, dealing with users, and managing resources. It was a tight nit group, many of whom are still my best friends.

Early Projects

Christopher Columbs Awards
2004 $25,000 Community Grant Winner
The Scanner Patrol
Lead Developer

My First big project was for the Christopher Columbus Awards National Science Competition which challenges middle school students to use the scientific method to solve problems in their community. My Team consisted of me, my cousin, and 2 of her friends. Our idea was the "Allergen Scanner", a handheld scanner to quickly and accurately identify the most common food allergens in packaged foods. I wrote the prototype entirely in Excel and MsVBA. THe project and award period was my first real taste of development, testing, presenting, and politics.

LaSalle College High School
Engineering Club
HVAC Load Optimizer
Senior Project Manager and Lead Developer

Probably the largest project I ever accopmlished in Microsoft Excel, the HVAC Load Optimizer was a massive undertaking the Engineering Club its founding year. The system I wrote, took a list of all the devices that drew electricity in the facility, then went through and found what could be moved and what couldnt, then created the most cost efficient schedules for each device. With the recent addition of over 500KW of HVAC systems, the system prevented what could have been an $80,000 a year increase in energy costs.

Development Career

Design My Meals
Back End Developer
PHP Kohana MySQL Python
Food Database Specialist

I worked remotely for a startup in California for the better part of year. This was my first experience in programming excel or microsoft stack programming. During my time with DMM, I started learning python and php and got a much greater appreciation for web applications and their uses.

Fox Group Inc
Director of Research and Development
Python, Django, RFID, Arduino,
3D Printing, Mobile Development

Fox is the first job I had where i got to choose, design, test, and implement the projects from inception to support. I started with small, stand alone tracking and reporting websites and inventory systems that combined PHP and Python. Later I moved into the Django Web Framework to increase functionality of the apps and reduce development time.
I got to work with emerging technologies such as 3D printing, RFID tracking, and Arduino in order to reduce costs and leverage the latest and greatest to increase our capabilities.
I led my team and coordinated with production in order to fulfill all of their needs and see all of the projects through from design to training and maintenance.

Encompass Elements
Software Engineer
Python, Django, MySQL, AngularJS, Apache

Encompass being a sister company of Fox, I began working with their development team in order to create some internal programming needs, upgrade customer facing websites, and replace legacy systems using new web based technologies. Working here was my first time dealing with companies as clients and working on multi month and high budget projects.

Nuix Inc
UI/UX Javascript Engineer

Worked as part of the UI team, building Single Page, Robust, Web Applications to interface with Nuix's super fast data processing engine. The team builds web interfaces specialized to the different industry users of the Nuix Engine.

Sungard Consulting Services
Senior Consultant
Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

Hired by Sungard as a Lead Consultant for frontend and full stack development. First Major client was Comcast.

Comcast NBC Universal
Senior Consultant
Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

Subcontracted through SungardCS onto the Xfinity X1 XTVGo team. Working on improving the customer's online experience when using the xfinity platform.

Senior Senior Engineer
Python, Javascript

Worked on a number of big data projects producing network graph analytics, leveraging Jornaya's 6 years and 5 billion lead event database to produce consumer insights across industries. Became the Lead Javascript Engineer, in charge to the main script which collects all of Jornaya's Data

LaSalle College High School Microsoft IT Academy

Went back to my amna mater to teach the Microsoft Tech Academy Summer program. Instruct the Introduction to Software Fundamentals in C# and the Introduction to Game Development in the .Net Framework to students grades 7 to 12.