I'm a software engineer currently working with small and medium businesses automate and digitalize their processes and well as upgrade their legacy systems into web based solutions.

I proudly identify as both a nerd and a geek. I quickly graduated from Legos to Excel, to macros and desktop programming, and have ended up in web application and API development. I am an Eagle Scout and a huge fan of both StarWars and StarTrek. I can any size of the Rubik' cube from 2x2 to 7x7 and many of the other puzzles.

I have a knack for problem solving and idea development and creation. My first nationally recognized invention, The Allergen Scanner, won my team and me a national competition and a $25,000 grant at age 13. Since then I have been developing more complex systems and projects both personally and professionally.
I would say my greatest talent is my ability to pick up and learn things quickly and gain a fast understanding of a particular area.

I learned the Rubiks cube in 2 weeks, and within the first 3 months, my solve time went from 5 minutes to 45 seconds. I was then able to quickly adapt the knowledge I had gained to solve the more complex iterations of the cube.

In college my roommate introduced me into bowling and I started in a league with an average of 89. By the end of the first semester, my high series was 703. Within the 6 months of bowling, I bowled my first 300 game.

Professionally, I have been used as a catalyst for business development because I can be thrown into a area or project, figure out everything involved in it, and effectively communicate and manage what needs to happen to the rest of the team.
Growing up, my family traveled a lot for my fathers business. The height of this amounted in living in Singapore for 4 years from 1997 to 2001. During that time I managed to fill 2 passports with stamps from over 20 countries. Notable cities include:
  • Paris
  • London
  • Bejing
  • Hong Kong
  • Syndey
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Bangkock
  • Auckland
  • Manila
Outside of those years, I have been fortunate enough to visit Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Cancun.

Having seen dozens of vastly different cultures, I find I tend to see certain issues a little differently. While I have seen some massive differences in cultures, I realize we are all the same when it comes down to it.